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Get the hiking and camping gear you need for your next outdoor adventure    Hiking boots, Backpacks, Backpacking cookware, Outdoor Clothing and Outerwear, Hiking poles, Camping Tents, Sleeping bags, Sleeping pads and all the camping accessories you need to make that next trip enjoyable.

Visit our stories about outdoor hikes and destinations with gear reviews included.  We write about places to  hike, camp, backpack and other outdoor  activities you might be interested in.  Along the way we will also talk about some of the outdoor gear that makes these trips so enjoyable.

We cover hikes in northern California, National parks, state parks, BLM hikes and Forest Service hikes.  Trinity Alps, Sierra Nevada, Pacific Crest Trail and winter hikes around northern California.

We are dedicated to sharing our outdoor experiences with you and hopefully hearing about you and your adventures. We will share our journeys and provide tips about hiking, backpacking and other great outdoor opportunities. We will also provide  information about hiking boots, backpacks, stoves, water filters, tents, sleeping bags, raingear, performance clothing and other outdoor stuff that we use in our adventures.

I’ve certainly learned a lot since my first backpacking trip in 1968  (Pictured left). One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that, 42 years later, I still have more to learn.

We hope you will take this journey with us and share you experiences with other like minded adventurers. We won’t always agree on the best piece of equipment, hiking boot, or technique, but that is part of the joy of the great outdoors. The only thing we really need to agree on is that getting out there is good thing!


What size day pack do you need ?

Short hikes – We define short hikes as 3 miles or less, 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Hydration – About 1 liter is the least water we ever carry. Nothing can ruin a summer hike quicker that thirst, or worse, heat exhaustion.

Essentials – Required items for these hikes are limited. We always take an energy bar and some GU, some toilet paper and a small camera. I also carry at least some of the ten essentials listed below because they are always in my packs.

The Gregory Wasatch 12, Freia 14 or Fury 16 offer adequate space to grow to the next hike level. Each pack has exterior water bottle holders and a sleeve inside the pack for a hydration pack. For easy hikes on the beaten track, I might even use my Mountainsmith Tour lumbar pack

Weighing around one pound each, you’ll have more than adequate room for extra food or a place to put the layer you need to stash.

Mid length Hikes – 3 to 10 miles depending on terrain and trail conditions. 1 1/2 to 4 hours hiking time. Read More …